Personal Interests

We are iGeek, a Company of geeks who love Gaming, Hacking, reverse engineering and Software engineering.

This site is to enable us to reach out to fellow Zambians who also have the same interest.

For this purpose we have rolled out many free servers for gaming, to see these servers of which most are hosted here within Zambia , for a full list please click the GR Gaming logo in the top right. To follow will be many articles on getting your gaming rig ready for the battles to come, from overclocking your CPU to the right drivers for your GPU, buying advice and product reviews from locally available shops.

We are not just all about gaming, we also dig into other fun stuff, look out for the Reverse Engine, a series of articles written by our own darkspr1te of Samsung fame, This series will look at devices sold locally here within Zambia and we have great fun in voiding any warranty, disassembly is the game here from physical to the software side from Wifi units to DVR recorders to cell phones. If you like to see how things work, these are the articles for you.

99 bugs in code, 99 bugs in the code, take one down, patch it around, 105 bugs in the code

Yes we love coding, we have built many custom servers in our time, we also provide a lot of free code, seeĀ darkspr1te github

Feel free to fork away




darkspr1te & gr1mr33f3r