Game Servers

Grim Inverted Bios[TSC] 24/7 Rush ALL MAPS Sponsored by iGeek Zambia
[TSC] 24/7 Ark Prim+ PVPVE iGeek – (v247.97)
[TSC] 24/7 Insurgency Day Of Infamy – iGeek Zambia
[TSC] 24/7 Teamfortress 2 All Maps Server 2- Sponsored by iGeek
[TSC] 24/7 Left 4 Dead 2 Server Sponsored by iGeek Zambia
[TSC] 24/7 Insurgency CO-OP – iGeek Zambia
[TSC] 24/7 COD4 Multiplayer – iGeek Zambia
[TSC] 24/7 CS:GO Competative
[TSC] 24/7 QuakeIII Arena – Sponsored by iGeek Zambia
[TSC] 24/7 Ark The Center PVPVE iGeek – (v247.97)
[TSC ZA] TP|InstaCraft|HighGather+Stack|Map|50x XP


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